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In the introductory chapter of “The History of the People of the United States,” Mr. McMaster announces as his subject, “The history of the people from the close of the war for Independence down to the opening of the war between the States.” It seems at first thought improbable that a history excluding both the Revolution and the Civil War should prove in any great degree interesting, but the first twelve pages suffice to convince one to the contrary. With consummate skill in selection and narration, Mr. McMaster has brought to light information of a singularly novel character. Impressed with this unlooked-for quality, it occurred to me that here was ground that had not been previously gone over—not, at any rate, in a story for children. “A Loyal Little Red-Coat” has been the outcome. Whether I have succeeded in transferring to these pages aught of the peculiar interest of the history remains to be seen. This much may be said, however, that every historical allusion is based upon actual fact. The English Circus, the Captains letter, Harrys Prison-Ship experiences, Alexander Hamiltons successful defence of a Tory client, the treatment of the Bonifaces at the ball—all find their counterpart in the realities of a century ago. For much of the minor historical detail I am indebted to those rare and quaint old volumes, carefully treasured by our historical societies, which make possible the faithful recounting of the story of bygone days. In my attempt to reproduce the child-life of a time so far removed, I have probably been guilty of some anachronisms. If, however, I have woven a page of history into a story that, by any chance, shall interest the children, for whom it has been a delight to me to write it, I shall be sincerely grateful. Ruth Ogden. Brooklyn, N. Y.

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Col. Hombre y época. Editorial Planeta. 1963. 385 pp. 4º menor. Tela. Buen estado. 1ª edición. Ilustrado con grabados. Biografías Biography Biographie Historia History...

Como Descargar De Elitetorrent Pizze E Focacce. Con Imagenes. Idioma Italiano. I Jolly Della Buona Cucina. Encuadernado En Espiral

- COCINA 82 pg. 23 cm. Fabbri, Milano

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Ed. Novelle Librairie de France. Paris 1962. Rustica. 24x16. 144 pp. Ilustrado. Frances

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I have a strong longing to tell my story as I feel it is a part of my journey in myself healing. I believe telling my story may be of interest to others because my life has...

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Edit. Hauser y Menet. Original, escrita, circulada y con sello. Muy buen estado.

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